Upgrade for Fürthermare Slides

Environmental protection and energy saving are the order of the day! Sustainability, environmental protection and cost efficiency
Fürthermare, Fürth, is taking a sustainable approach.
Retrofitting the thermal and sound insulation of the water slides reduces the total energy and heating costs, the energy consumption of the pool as well as the total CO2 consumption.

In the last 8 weeks, the three existing slides (RR0825, RR1200, RR1500) were retrofitted with a total of 215 m of slide meters of thermal insulation, old lighting effects were replaced and new ones were added. The thermal insulation of the entire facility has several plus points: the landing hall now has a permanently pleasant indoor climate, everything shines in new splendor from a purely visual point of view – and the existing slides are protected from the effects of the weather and at the same time the thermal insulation also provides sound insulation.