AquaKids Adventure – the water park for young families

Everyone has a pool for small kids. Do you want make young families part of your regular customers? With the new AquaKids Adventure water park which makes water an experience, we guarantee you an increase in visitor numbers and families as satisfied repeat customers. We design the colors and theme of your AquaKids Adventure water park individually according to your wishes.

More than 30 play and water attractions guarantee no end of fun, action and adventure. Various water slides, crawl pipes, tipping buckets, water wheels, spray cannon, water jets, climbing nets and bridges invite you to play, move and mess around. The highlight: A large tipping water bucket with capacity of up to 1,500 liters which empties with a crash over the landscape.

The AquaKids Adventure water park works its magic on the visitor, who will while away the hours there. At long last – a waterpark for children between 4 and 14!

AquaKids Adventure Artline – the art of the extraordinary and a convincing kids’ landscape

In close collaboration with our clients, we produce pools, ships, buildings, animals and machines to suit the widest range of themed worlds imaginable. A giant mouse world, a secret pirate bay or a forgotten Inca temple – we create landscapes where kids can play to their heart’s delight. A real dream world for kids. We design a large or small play landscape with all kinds of interactive play elements, which are worth exploring.