Style your Ride

Water slides have been providing fun for users of all ages for over thirty years. During this time, waterslides have changed a lot. The lines have become more spectacular. The bumps of the individual elements are designed so soft that you no longer perceive them. A sensor-controlled traffic light control also offers maximum safety. These and more innovations are important components of modern water slides. And yet you could not always meet the individual needs of each user. So far – because now there is the new SmartSlide made by AQUARENA.

Under the motto “Style your Ride” we would like to invite the users of our SmartSlide to customize their slide. Even before you visit the swimming pool, you can customize the sound and light effects of the water slide on the homepage or in the app on your smartphone according to your own wishes. In addition to the colors of the LED lights, our SmartSlide can also set the speed of light changes, for example, for runniglights or twist effects. In addition, a strobe light and even the music can be played in the waterslide according to your own wishes. Each slide can be designed individually
Creating a profile allows you to compare your slideshow with friends and share them on social platforms or perpetuate your personal best time in the pool. The slide times can be compared among the users and thus the competition idea can be generated.

Experience SmartSlide live and visit the world’s first SmartSlide in the Spreewelten in Lübbenau. But do not forget to configure your slide in advance  

AquaClick – every shot is a winner!

The Photosystem AquaClick from AQUARENA puts a smile on everyone’s lips. It enables crystal-clear, high resolution images to be taken of the guests in the AquaLoop and other enclosed water slides. Above the monitor columns in the exitarea, you can print out the action photo in high quality using the clear touchscreen user interface or send the image as an e-card. The Photosystem AquaClick is very flexible and can be adapted to all requirements or extended as required – yet another reason to smile!

Logo Video Image

Im Startbereich der Rutsche steht dem Badegast eine Auswahl verschiedener Effekte zur Verfügung. Er kann dort aktiv über einen Touchscreen Monitor wählen, ob er beispielsweise lieber in den Sonnenuntergang oder in ein Gewitter rutschen möchte. Im oberen Bereich der Rutschenröhre wird ein LED-Grafikschirm installiert. Das durch den Schirm erzeugte Bild wird durch die transluzente Rutschenoberfläche sichtbar.

Alle Effekte sind mit der Ampelsteuerung vernetzt. Die Effektdarstellung ist nur aktiv, wenn sich tatsächlich ein Nutzer in der Bahn befindet. Wird ein Fehlstart erkannt, wird der Effekt gestoppt und die Rutschenröhre wird voll ausgeleuchtet. Die Verbindung von DSE mit einem Soundpaket macht den Effekt zum absoluten Highlight. 

An interactive effect for water slides. At the start of the slide, swimmers can select different scenarios using a touchscreen. This activates various effects in the slide. The bather has the possibility to choose “his” design of the effects, light effects and sound individually:

This activates various effects in the slide. From calm and juicy or fast-paced with running lights to tense music with flashlights and touchpoints.

Mit unsere Beschallungsanlage gelangt der Schall von Außen über entsprechende Ausschnitte und Öffnungen in das Innere der Rutsche. Die hochwertigen Hifi-Komponenten sind dabei klimagerecht und mit GFK-Abdeckhauben geschützt untergebracht.

With the AquaSound sound system, the sound from the outside reaches the inside of the slide through appropriate cutouts and openings.

The high-quality hi-fi components are accommodated in a climate-friendly manner and protected with GRP covers. The volume is controlled via the control terminal or amplifier.

We also offer volume adjustment. Alternatively, a completely normal music can also be played. With the AquaSound, the sliding guest gets the ultimate thrill. Different sound files are played depending on the speed. With the engine sound package, for example, the sound of a Trabant when driving slowly, that of a Formula 1 racing car when driving fast. Another package offers a braking sound up to the curve, then an acceleration sound at the apex of the curve, etc.

Or the slide guest selects a sound or a song from a list of 10 sounds at the start. The sound starts as soon as the slide’s traffic light shows “green”. The playing time per Sound can be set and is then slowly faded out.

This effect represented an additional increase in the attractiveness of slippery bees.

The aim is to touch as many sensor points as possible. During the slide, luminous dots are displayed in the slide that needs to be touched. The number of points achieved is determined on the basis of the number of points touched and the time and is displayed in the landing area.

Different game levels are possible – who gets the high score in the TouchPointBattle? A list of the best players on large screens including nicknames and profile pictures is possible.

Competitive sliding with AQUARENA time recording!

A timer display can come along with the sensor controlled AQUARENA traffic light unit. This timer display is just perfect for entertaining events such as a sliding competition! A public viewing screen with a 32” display adds to the excitement and involves all your visitors in the sliding contest:

  • Actual slide time
  • Record time
  • Speed
  • Ranking with times

Cold water is sprayed in through various spray nozzles over a length of around two meters. The loser gets a cold shower. The position is measured by sensors in the train.