AquaCrater – gigantic tubes promise wild water fun!

Sliding through the AQUARENA AquaCrater is a wild ride and a whole lot of fun. The sliding experience on the mega slide, in the form of a horizontal cone with large volumes of water, is simply unbeatable! The top attraction in water parks, the AquaCrater is suitable for young and old alike.

Riders start out on the AQUARENA AquaCrater with an open, three meter-wide slide. Halfway along the route the slide closes into a tube with a gigantic diameter of three meters. At the end, this monster tube empties into the AQUARENA AquaCrater. The generous diameter of the tubes means that it can be used with all multi-person rings and boats.

The AquaCrater itself is in the form of a giant cone with a width of 18 meters. The multi-person rafts build up some momentum whilst traveling down the slide and slide up and down several times in the AquaCrater. You ride the whole AquaCrater in this way until the rafts go back into the slide at the end and are guided into the end pool.

Operational data

  • Use: Tire or boat slide, use with 3, 4 or 6-person rafts
  • Minimum age: 8 years
  • Slide: < 14 m/sec. (normally 3 – 8 m/sec.)
  • Capacity: 360 or 500 – 700 people/h
  • TÜV certification in accordance with DIN EN1069

Technical Data

  • Slide length: 50 – 100 m, plus AquaCrater, diameter 18 m
  • Starting height here: 12 – 18 m
  • Slide diameter: WR3000, RR3000 + AquaCrater D = 18 m
  • Landing: Slide landing in pool or flat run-out
  • Space requirement: approx. 55 m x 26 m or 45 m x 35 m


  • Traffic lights
  • Designed as closed funnel for year-round use
  • Heat insulation
  • A tire lift is recommended for larger tires


  • Benutzung: Reifen bzw. Bootrutsche, Nutzung mit 3-, 4- oder 6-Personen-Rafts
  • Mindestalter: 8 Jahre
  • Geschwindigkeit: < 14 m/sec. (üblich sind 3 – 8 m/sec.)
  • Durchsatz: 360 bzw. 500 – 700 Personen/h
  • TÜV-Abnahme nach DIN EN1069

Technische Daten

  • Bahnlänge: 50 – 100 m, zzgl. AquaCrater Durchmesser 18 m 
  • Starthöhe hier: 12 – 18 m 
  • Bahnquerschnitt: WR3000, RR3000 + AquaCrater D = 18 m 
  • Landung: Gleitlandung im Becken oder Flachwasserauslauf 
  • Platzbedarf: ca. 55 m x 26 m oder 45 m x 35 m


  • Ampelanlage
  • Ausführung als geschlossener Trichter für Ganzjahresnutzung
  • Wärmedämmung
  • Reifenaufzug bei größeren Reifen wird empfohlen