Pure recreational fun!

Tube slides are suitable for all ages and often exciting competitions among bathers arise during the visit to the bath.

The use of the AQUARENA tube slides is possible with single rings, double bobs or even 3-person boats. With a particularly high fun-fact, when several people whiz down the track at the same time in double and multiple rings. Long waiting times and large safety gaps are not an issue here, because the slide “swallows” up to 1000 guests per hour.

AQUARENA’s tube slides are available in different cross-sections, as open water slides or closed ones. Different curve radii, straight lines and acceleration elements guarantee variety and sliding pleasure.

If the different elements are then combined with each other, super varied slides are created, as with the AquaRacer.

Operating data

  • Use: single or double tubes, WR/RR1500, WR/RR2000, WR/RR 3000, also as BodySlide
  • Minimum age: from 6 or from 8 years old
  • Speed: < = 8 m/s = 28.8 km/h
  • Throughput: Tubes 250 – 1000 persons/h
  • TÜV approval according to DIN EN 1069 (type 3, type 4)

Technical data

  • track length: approx. 30 m – 150 m, typical length 40 – 100 m
  • Starting height: typically 4 – 10 m
  • Gradient: < 13 %
  • Runway cross-section: WR/RR1500, WR/RR2000, WR/RR3000
  • Landing: safety run-out, safety landing basin, flat water run-out
  • Water flow: 300 – 1000m³/h


  • Time measurement
  • Traffic lights