Style your Ride – Water Slides 4.0
Smart is Tred – the SmartSlide from AQUARENA
individualizes the slide experience!

The SmartSlide S from AQUARENA with pre-programmed light and sound effects or the fully programmable SmartSlide L make visitors’ hearts beat faster. Whether for a new build or to modify an existing slide, Smart is the trend.

In the meantime, the installations have been so advanced and digitized that the slide ride can be personalized. (Nick)name, top speed, best time of the day and achieving high score via touch points are the latest trends. It feels great when your own slide ride is displayed on the scoreboard in the pool. The display is individualized.

Under the motto “Style your Ride,” we would like to invite users of our SmartSlide to individualize their slide. Even before visiting the pool, users can combine sound and light effects, colors or high-score levels.

Via landing page or app on the smartphone, the slide can be customized according to the user’s own wishes. In addition to the colors of the LED lights, the speed of the light changes of runniglights or twister effects, for example, can also be set. In addition, a strobe light and even music can be added to the water slide according to your own wishes. Each slide can thus be designed completely individually.

When entering the bath, the bather logs in with his personal nickname and immediately his settings, which he has already made at home, are active. Thus, the slide guest has created his personal slide experience.

The display board in the bath makes it possible to share the personal result. The slide results can be shared directly with others during or after the visit to the pool. Or for the marketing of the baths, for example, to encourage the bathers via social media to improve their personal high score in order to achieve the weekly or monthly victory. So as not to fall behind in the rankings, the next visit to the pool is not postponed for long!


Experience the SmartSlide live and configure your first SmartSlide.

There are different SmartSlide models – contact us!