AQUARENA water slides turn pools into worlds of adventure.

The open, classic water slide gives pleasure to young and old.

In the outdoor pool it may not be missing, and also in larger facilities the open water slide is suitable for all. Not too fast or too steep, but in such a way that even grandpa can slide with his grandson – and here both have fun.

Stairs up – sit down – slide down – stairs up – sit down – slide down – pure fun!

And for the landing there are different solutions. The normal plump run-out, or a safety run-out or even a separate landing pool, the slide adapts to the conditions or your wishes.

The lines are planned by us so that the slide is perceived as pleasant. Whether the slide has a steel construction with stairs, or whether the slide can perhaps even be buried depends on the terrain. The length and color of the track is customized. Beautiful colorful combinations are also possible. We will fulfill your wishes during the implementation.

The open water slides of AUQARENA are available in two different cross sections, with 90 cm and 120 cm width. Different curve radii, straight sections and acceleration elements guarantee variety and sliding pleasure.
The AQUARENA tracks are made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP).
The butt joints are absolutely watertight and processed without transitions. Attached splash water baffles in the curves prevent spilling. All materials used are resistant to mechanical and chemical influences and UV light.

Operational data

  • Use: Bodyslide, WR0900, WR1200
  • Minimum age: from 6 or 8 years
  • Speed: < = 8 m/s = 28.8 km/h
  • Capacity: Bodyslide, 150 persons/h
  • TÜV certification in accordance with DIN EN 1069 (type 3, type 4)

Technical Data

  • Slide length: approx. 20 m – 150 m, typical length 40 – 100 m
  • Starting height: typically 4 – 10 m
  • Gradient: < 13 %
  • Slide diameter:  WR0900, WR1200,
  • Landing: splashdown, safety run-out, safety landing pool, shallow water run-out
  • Material: Fiberglass, translucent or opaque, RAL color
  • Water volume: Bodyslide, 90 – 120 m³/h


  • Traffic control
  • Time measurement