A crystal-clear view with the CrystalTube made of acrylic glass

Experience this extraordinary slide for yourself. With the CrystalTube from AQUARENA, spectators can take part in other people’s slide fun, and even have eye contact with people on the slide. For the CrystalTube slide is made from transparent acrylic glass.

World novelty: CrystalTube curved, without support beam

The world’s first slide with curved CrystalTube, without additional support beams is open – the looping slide AquaLoop with AquaRocket in the fun pool Calypso. 90 meters of adrenaline with a special kick: Ten meters of free fall with over six meters of the first curved CrystalTube. This way, even the spectators get their money’s worth.

Available as a special individual element for AQUARENA tube slides

  • RR0825
  • RR1200
  • RR1500