SkyClimbing – the climbing wall for water freaks

Make your diving pool even more attractive.

The SkyClimbing wall– a boulder wall made from acrylic glass – made by AQUARENA – is just perfect for this.

The stylish climbing wall made of clear acrylic is stable in itself. There is no annoying steel construction to reinforce the wall. Your other guests will have an unobstructed view of the climbers. The wall is resistant to atmospheric attack and is produced for both indoors and outdoor pools.

The climbing wall is made of acrylic glass with a wall thickness of 30 mm and is available in various widths and heights. It will be adapted to the local conditions and the water surface remains fully usable.

The SkyClimbing wall is formed with an overhang, that the climber can always drop without any risk into the water.

The climbers can and duel on freely configurable climbing routes with different degrees of difficulty. The climbing route can be changed at any time using the existing grid of holes. Open holes can be closed over with covers.

As a matter of course, the SkyClimbing wall is certificated by the TÜV.

  • Suitable for 8 years and over
  • Use 60 – 70 p/h
  • Supervision required
  • Execution according to EN17164

TypAbmessungenerforderliche WassertiefeGriffbereich
Typ SC-SI 300/600b/h = 3,00/6,00 m WT > 3,40 m1,00/5,00 m
Typ SC-SI 300/700b/h = 3,00/7,00 mWT > 3,60 m1,00/6,00 m

Technical data climbing wall

  • Sizes Standard w/h = 4.60 m / 4.0 m
  • Reach area: w/h = 2.60 / 3.0 m
  • Water depth: approx. 2.70 m (depending on wall height)

Boulder wall

  • Dimensions: w x h: 4.60 m x 4.0 m or option 5.0 m high
  • Tile thickness: approx.30 mm
  • Climbing area: w x h: 2.60 m / 3.0 m (4.0 m)
  • including holes for climbing holds in 25/ 25 cm grid
  • including 40 / 50 colored screw-on climbing grips
  • Construction in accordance with ÖNORM S4720