SkyClimbing – the climbing wall for water freaks

Increase the attractiveness of your diving pool.

With the SkyClimbing climbing wall from AQUARENA, you can offer your visitors safe climbing adventures directly at the edge of the pool.

The stylish climbing wall made of crystal clear arcrylic glass is so stable in itself that it does not need any disturbing steel construction to reinforce the wall. The spectators have a free view of the climbers.

The climbing wall is made of acrylic glass with a wall thickness of 30 mm and is offered in different widths and heights. The conditions on site are taken into account and the wall is individually adapted.

The climbing wall is anchored to the pool perimeter, so that the water surface remains fully usable due to the installation.

The SkyClimbing climbing wall has an overhang so that the climber is always above the water surface and lands softly should they slip off the climbing path.

Climbers can take turns climbing up the TÜV-approved wall and dueling on any configurable climbing routes of varying difficulty.

Use is possible both indoors / indoor pool and outdoors / outdoor pool thanks to the high-quality, weather-resistant materials and careful manufacturing.

User age: from 8 years, supervision required

Capacity: 60 – 70 p/h

Design according to EN17164

Technical Data

TypeDimensionsWater depthReach area
Type SC 220/270 flat 9° inclinedw/h = 2,20/2,70 mapprox. 1,80 m1,00/1,70 m
Type SC 220/500 concavew/h = 2,20/5,00 m approx. 3,30 m1,00/4,00 m
Type SC 220/600w/h = 2,20/6,00 m approx. 3,50 m1,00/5,00 m
Type SC-SI 220/700w/h = 2,20/7,00 mapprox. 3,70 m1,00/6,00 m
Type SC 300/270 flat 9° inclinedw/h = 3,00/2,70 mapprox. 1,80 m1,00/1,70 m
Type SC 300/400 flat 9° inclinedw/h = 3,00/4,00 mapprox. 2,65 m1,00/3,00 m
Type SC 300/500 flat 9° inclinedw/h = 3,00/5,00 mapprox. 3,30 m1,00/4,00 m
Type SC 300/600 flat 9° inclinedw/h = 3,00/6,00 mapprox. 3,50 m1,00/5,00 m
  • Attachment: on the pool perimeter
  • Climbing routes: any routes through grid holes over the entire climbing surface: 25/25 cm
  • Panel thickness: solid acrylic glass wall 30 mm
  • Supporting structure: 2 laser-cut steel plate girders including cross-connectors made of round tubes Material made of S235 hot-dip galvanized + powder-coated according to RAL. Suitable and approved for outdoor pool and for indoor pools containing chlorine. Climbing grips: color coded, with test certificate according to EN12572. Grip, suitable for climbing with wet hands.
  • Service/cleaning: with service option for cleaning the surface and moving the climbing route.
  • Features: Use according to standard by 1 person at a time
  • swimmers from 8 years
  • capacity: approx. 60 – 70 p/h
  • inclination: approx. 14
  • low restriction of the water surface
  • no contact points with pool construction