AquaRocket – the rocket launch start with a trap door

AquaRocket offers maximum thrills. Adrenaline is guaranteed. Spectacular for the user and the spectator. 

Enter zero gravity through a door. The glass panel at the start of the rocket ride not only gives a view into the void, but provides other bathers with a glimpse of the brave person about to rocket-launch onto the water slide.

Once the access door has been closed, the countdown begins. Three-two-one… In this moment, the adrenaline flows through every vein in the body. The trap door opens;there is nothing left to hold you. You fall into the abyss and accelerate into the void at a speed of 9.81m/s² in freefall.

The hatch technology meets the highest possible safety category, no. 4, and has a safety control. The operator triggers the trap door manually.

Safety landing pool

This landing poll contains an integrated safety outlet, a three-sided overflow gulley and an exit step.

Safety outlet

The so-called “sofa outlet” is suitable for building into an existing pool. Users are slowed down gently and led off to the side of the sliding line.

Plop exit

The plop exit represents the simplest landing option. Here, the destination apron reaches right under the surface of the water.