New from old – AQUARENA will take on the renovation of your unit!

Extend the life of your slide or pool with a renovation from AQUARENA, so that many more visitors young and old can have lots of fun on your site. AQUARENA can re-coat your pool and leave your slides looking as good as new.

Fiber glass coatings – no problem for AQUARENA Fiber glass laminate re-coating on site or in our factory for transportable elements. Many years of experience and the skill of the AQUARENA staff guarantee perfect results.

Slide renovation

GRP shell replacement offers a practical solution to renew slide elements that are in poor condition or worn out. Instead of replacing the entire slide, the GRP shells can simply be replaced. This has several advantages.

First, replacing GRP shells saves time because no extensive structural work is required. The existing steel structure can still be used, which reduces the effort and cost.

Second, replacing the GRP shells makes economic sense. Instead of purchasing a new chute, the worn or damaged parts can be replaced at a low cost. This is especially beneficial when the steel structure is still in good condition and only the surface needs to be renewed.

Third, the replacement of FRP shells is sustainable. By reusing the steel structure and replacing the GRP shells, less material is wasted. This is more environmentally friendly than completely replacing the entire slide.

In addition, replacing the GRP shells provides the opportunity for custom solutions. Depending on requirements, upgrades such as a thermally insulated slide or even a SmartSlide can be integrated. This makes it possible to adapt the slide to specific requirements and improve the user experience.

Overall, the replacement of GRP shells is a practical, economical and sustainable solution to renew worn or damaged slide elements without having to replace the entire slide.


  • Visually appropriate slide once more
  • New slide surface and / or outer side
  • New protection of the laminate
  • Increased life span
  • Minimal financial outlay
  • Repair of the damaged laminate

Other /Options

  • Coating of concrete surfaces
  • Coating / repair of pools / whirlpools
  • More attractiveness (BlackHole)