Welcome to the land of adventure

Your children’s areas will become islands of discovery with our wide range of themed AquaSpray Elements. The little ones will just lose all track of time with the variety of water attractions as they pump, spray, dam, shoot and shower – in no time at all.

In our range we have Archimedes spirals, gold panning areas, treasure chests, spray and bubble stones, steering wheels, dams, water courses, tipping bucket trees, sailing games, fixed or pivoting cannon, barrel showers, water wheels, tipping buckets, waterfalls, handle pumps, trees, and much more.

Operational data

  • Age range: 3 to 8 years
  • Capacity: k A
  • TÜV clearance recommended

Technical Data

  • Sprays: Continuous operation via external pump, manual operation via pressure valve (shower button), hand pump (bilge pump)
  • Object height, relief, few cm
  • Play and spray animals for sitting on (seal, crocodile), giant design elements (Dino DEL)
  • Material: Fiber glass or composite construction with stainless steel frame
  • Water volume: varies depending in the number of jets
  • Colors: depends on theme andclient

Advantages and customer benefits

  • Standard units at relatively low prices
  • Special designs depending on client requests in almost any theme, size and color
  • Spectacular designs of the kids’ area possible for new build
  • Retro fit in often plain areas can add considerable value
  • New visitors are attracted to the pool for relatively little outlay and won over as long term visitors

Other /Options

Additional enhancements available, e.g. LED fittings (eyes which light up) or sound effects (hissing or affectionately purring dragon).