Pool edge renovation AB – 07/2015

AB Archiv des Badewesens issue 07/2015



Nordhorn outdoor pool – pool head renovation using the GFK hand laminate process

In order to continue to meet the technical and constructive demands in the future, the Nordhorn swimming pool decided to do a pool head renovation. A GFK hand laminate process (GFK = glass fiber reinforced plastic) was carried out.

The Nordhorn outdoor pool is located on the southern outskirts of a sports and leisure center with an ice rink, tennis courts and a private indoor / outdoor play area. It belongs to the bnn-Bäderbetriebe Nordhorn / Niedergrafschaft GmbH, a subsidiary of Stadtwerke Nordhorn.

The outdoor pool with a total water area of around 3300 square meters is characterized by its special features such as a 50 m swimmer pool, a non-swimmer adventure pool with four water slides, a wave pool and a diving pool with a 10 m diving tower. With over 200,000 visitors per season, the outdoor pool is of national importance.


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