Style your Ride

Water slides have been providing fun for users of all ages for over thirty years. During this time, waterslides have changed a lot. The lines have become more spectacular. The bumps of the individual elements are designed so soft that you no longer perceive them. A sensor-controlled traffic light control also offers maximum safety. These and more innovations are important components of modern water slides. And yet you could not always meet the individual needs of each user. So far – because now there is the new SmartSlide made by AQUARENA.

Under the motto “Style your Ride” we would like to invite the users of our SmartSlide to customize their slide. Even before you visit the swimming pool, you can customize the sound and light effects of the water slide on the homepage or in the app on your smartphone according to your own wishes. In addition to the colors of the LED lights, our SmartSlide can also set the speed of light changes, for example, for runniglights or twist effects. In addition, a strobe light and even the music can be played in the waterslide according to your own wishes. Each slide can be designed individually. 

Creating a profile allows you to compare your slideshow with friends and share them on social platforms or perpetuate your personal best time in the pool. The slide times can be compared among the users and thus the competition idea can be generated.

Experience SmartSlide live and visit the world’s first SmartSlide in the Spreewelten in Lübbenau. But do not forget to configure your slide in advance