New AquaLoop and AquaRacer opens at CenterParcs in Kempervennen

Center Parcs in Holland in Kempervennen has since yesterday a new AquaLoop with AquaRocket!

An all-around successful facility that has it all. Free fall down – and then a little further.

Three – two – one – hold your breath and off you go. Pure adrenaline! The slide surface is absolutely smooth, so it’s even more fun.

The processing of the joints, not only with the AquaLoop, but with all our slides is so meticulous that an absolutely smooth surface is created. On into the pleasure!


Length: 78,11 m + 10,50 m runout = 88,61 m

Height: 11,66 m

Drop after start with slope 274,7 % (=70°)

Top Speed: ~ 50 km/h

9,60 m drop then ~ 5,00 vertical meters uphill then 7,10 m downhill



Length: 95,08 m + 10,00 m runout = 105 m total length

Height 8,99 m

Average Slope: 9,5 %