Center Parcs, Gunderath


Gunderath, Rutshenturm


The construction of the new slide tower and AquaRacer by AQUARENA at Center Parcs in Gunderath has been successfully completed. The accomplishment of the work in the very short construction period of only eight weeks shows both the commitment and efficient construction planning of the project by the construction management but also the great commitment of our employees.
The AquaRacer, with a length of 102 meters, offers guests a varied slide experience, as it can be ridden with both single and double tires. The visually appealing daylight effects in the track provide additional variety.
Access to the slide is via a spiral staircase that allows guests to comfortably climb to the launch platform. The steel tower measuring 4 m x 5 m x 12 m was built with robust sandwich panels. The dome light not only adds to the aesthetics, but also creates pleasant lighting in the slide tower.