Wellhotel issue 02/2016

AquaFun – Children’s Adventure Worlds for Hotel Complexes

AQUARENA has been building slides, children’s adventure worlds and the AquaFun water park since 1981. More than 2900 systems have already been built. The highest security standards, reliability and professionalism guarantee the operator and his guests lots of fun, action, and adrenaline.

The AquaFun water play park developed in 2010 enables children and young people between the ages of 4 and 14 to have the ultimate leisure fun in the hotel. Regardless of whether you need to upgrade an existing children’s area with a small slide or transform it into a complete adventure island, AQUARENA creates flooded temple complexes from deserted areas and rock caves emerge from unused spaces or, if desired, complete action park facilities. Even the smallest areas (from 70 square meters) can be used attractively and effectively ….