AQUARENA is proud to present the Body2Racer. as a new feature on the slide market. There are two slides available – open or enclosed. Body2Racer is all about an exciting and high speed race. The competition element is enhanced further thanks to the time recording feature. Body2Racer can be combined with other slide types Lighting and sound effects (e.g. spectator applause or announcements) evoke a sense of racing fever among the bathers, just like the time recording feature and new Photosystem AquaClick.

Body2Racer on the Norwegian Gem

Body2Racer at the ROBINSON Club Apulien (Kindly supported by the ROBINSON Club Ltd.)

Body2Racer at the Schloss Dankern in Haren


Operational data

  • Use: bodyslide or with mats
  • Minimum age: 8 – 12 years, depending on speed
  • Speed: > 6 m/s = 21 km/h
  • Capacity: 240 persons/h

Technical Data

  • Slide length: 2 x 40 – 120 m
  • Starting height: 8 – > 15 m
  • Gradient: > 10 %
  • Slide diameter: 2 x RR0825
  • Landing: shallow water run-out
  • Material: fiberglass, translucent or opaque, RAL color
  • Water volume: 2 x 90 m3/h