Water slides

AQUARENA water slide complexes make swimming pools into worlds of adventure.

Open water slide complexes appeal to a large target group. The slides are suitable for young and old, and exciting competitions often take place between bathers during their visit. Unadulterated fun!

The open water slide can also be used with single tubes, double tubes or even three-person boats. A particularly high fun factor is guaranteed when people speed down the slide at the same time in double and multiple rafts. Long waiting times and big safety distances are not a problem with tubeslides, as the slide “swallows” up to 1000 riders an hour.

AQUARENA water slide complexes are available in 6 different diameters: WR 0600, WR0900, WR1200, WR1500, WR2000 and WR3000. Different turn radiuses, straight sections and acceleration elements guarantee variety and sliding enjoyment. AQUARENA slides are made of fiberglass, manufactured in a compact layer design.

The WR1200 is also available in the vacuum technique design. The butt joints are completely watertight and are processed without crossovers. Splash screens at the turns prevent spill-out. All of the materials used are resistant to mechanical and chemical influences as well as UV light.

If the water slide has a fiberglass or Makrolon tunnel over it, it can be run energy-efficiently outdoors all year round.


Operational data


    • Use: Bodyslide, WR0600, WR0900, WR1200
    • Use: Innertubes, also as Bodyslide, WR1500, WR2000, WR3000
    • Minimum age: from 6 or 8 years
    • Speed: < = 8 m/s = 28.8 km/h
    • Capacity: Bodyslide, 150 persons/h
    • Capacitiy: Tubeslide, 300-1000 persons/h
    • TÜV certification in accordance with DIN EN 1069 (type 3, type 4)

Technical Data


    • Slide length: approx. 20 m – 150 m, typical length 40 – 100 m
    • Starting height: typically 4 – 10 m
    • Gradient: < 13 %
    • Slide diameter: WR0600, WR0900, WR1200, WR1500, WR2000, WR3000
    • Landing: splashdown, safety run-out, safety landing pool, shallow water run-out
    • Material: Fiberglass, translucent or opaque, RAL color
    • Water volume: Bodyslide, 90 – 120 m³/h
    • Water volume: Tubeslide, 300 – 1000m³/h


    • Traffic control
    • Time measurement