AquaMatch – endless speed sliding!

Race down together. Who’s the fastest? The AquaMatch competition slide really invites riders to slide again. Who can resist a re-run if they might come out on top?

The competition slide, built for the first time in 2012, features two or more individual slides and parallel straight sections. AQUARENA’s AquaMatch slides can be equipped with time measurement and a time display, which increases the excitement. Everyone wants to beat the slide record!

The slide is unbelievably popular; there are no long waiting times. Here, everyone races everyone in an exciting battle! The AquaMatch competition slide provides guaranteed fun and happy faces!

Operational data

  • Use: Body slide, possibly with race mats
  • Minimum age: 8 to 12 years, depending on speed
  • Speed: > 6 m/s = 21 km/h
  • Capacity: 240 – 360 people/h
  • TÜV certification in accordance with DIN EN 1069

Technical Data

  • Slide length: typically 40 m to 80 m/slide (2 or 3 slides)
  • Starting height: typically 8 to > 15 m
  • Gradient: > 15 %
  • Slide diameter: RR0825 with AquaMatch
  • Landing: Flat run-out
  • Material: Fiberglass, translucent and/or opaque, RAL color
  • Water volume: 90 m3/h/slide