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Turnstile and traffic light units

Turnstiles units, consisting of an entry and entry unit made from stainless steel. The unit is linked to a traffic light unit electronically, and is released on “green” and locked on “red”

Safety outlet

Safety outlet

The so-called “sofa outlet” is suitable for building into an existing pool. Users are slowed down gently and led off to the side of the sliding line.


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Safety and fun can go hand in hand

The AQUA-SENSOR-CONTROL traffic light unit – an AQUARENA systemThe AQUARENA traffic light unit comes either with sensor control or timer control. The traffic light unit with sensor control comes with the following functions:

  • Reg / green traffic lightsincluding lights
  • LED design
  • 24 VDC/5A power supply
  • Photocell base unit (transmitter and receiver)
  • Photocell target (transmitter and receiver)
  • SPS control with software XYZ
  • incl wiring diagrams and cable lists
  • Fiber glass housing cover for sensors
  • Operating panel

With timer control, the photocells are omitted. An orange rotating light and a signal hooter can be installed as an option in the starting area. If the slide is used when the light is red, the start sensor is triggered, the hooter sounds and the rotating light illuminates as a warning. These alarms should let the users know that the technology has registered an “improper use”. The person who caused the improper use warning can on longer be stopped, as the start sensor is positioned about 1 meter after the start, but the next users are warned about the improper use. The duration of the signal and the rotating light can be adjusted.

Competitive sliding with AQUARENA time recording!

A timer display can come along with the sensor controlled AQUARENA traffic light unit. This timer display is just perfect for entertaining events such as a sliding competition! A public viewing screen with a 32” display adds to the excitement and involves all your visitors in the sliding contest:

  • Actual slide time
  • Record time
  • Speed
  • Ranking with times