Insulation, one simple measure – double the benefit!

Reducing energy costs is close to our hearts at AQUARENA. With the AquaEcoEnergy heat and sound insulation system, heat loss is reduced, and any sound disturbance in the surrounding area eliminated.

More fun – less energy costs!

Reduce energy consumption in your swimming pool. The entire AQUARENA slide range is available with heat and sound insulation. The heat insulation has a high-sheen outer surface, without any visible flanges.

AquaEcoEnergy – the sound and heat insulation systems from AQUARENA has been specially designed so that all maintenance elements (e.g. screws or light effect fittings) are small and easy accessible via removable covers. You don’t have to remove the whole outer shell.

Minimum effort – maximum effect!

As an additional cost saving, AQUARENA have recommended use of a stopper ball for many years. Cold air stays outside and does not rush into the pool. So there is no heat exchange. That helps you save heating costs. Using the ball is makes a noticeable difference in winter Order a stopper ball with a blower for your tube slide and reduce your energy costs.

Operational data

  • Use for heat or sound insulation and for all tube slides
  • Payback in 4-9 years

Technical Data

  • Insulation thickness: 80 mm
  • Insulation value: 0.7 W/m²K
  • Material: PU Foam and second fiber glass skin
  • Colors, opaque, RAL colors
  • Flange accessible via removable cover strips



A safe landing with AQUARENA

AQUARENA have the right landing for every requirement, and optimal, space saving solutions

Flat run-out

A braking channel with increasing water depth and overflow gully means the user can get out at the front or to the side. The flat run-out system AQUARENA is installed when there is no pool on site. The lower section of the track acts as a braking area with a water depth of 25 cm

Safety landing pool

This landing poll contains an integrated safety outlet, a three-sided overflow gulley and an exit step.

Safety outlet

The so-called “sofa outlet” is suitable for building into an existing pool. Users are slowed down gently and led off to the side of the sliding line.

Plop exit

The plop exit represents the simplest landing option. Here, the destination apron reaches right under the surface of the water.


  • Tunnel covers
  • Heat insulation
  • Schalldämmung


More informations to Polymercement will follow shortly.

Tower of Slides

More informations to Tower of Slides will follow shortly.


The steps to fun in the water – a visual attention grabber

You get an all in one slide unit. AQUARENA deliver steps and slides, fully assembled. The slide units are generally equipped as a complete unit including a set of steps. The AQUARENA steps are visually striking and increase your guests’ anticipation of an exciting slide experience. AQUARENA offer an individual solution for every pool. We can also supply special orders. The steps can also come painted.

The step is built in to save space, so as not to waste any space. Water and electrical pipes are hidden in the shaft. All AQUARENA steps have platform drainage.

Technical Data

  • Types: Straight steps, spiral staircase left and right
  • Width 800 mm, 1,200 mm – other widths on request
  • Inner dimensions: Step width 800 mm: 2,900 x 2,900 mm
  • Tower step width 1,200 mm: 3,400 x 3,400 mm
  • Construction Hot dip galvanized, stainless steel hand rail, other designs on request

Staircases – safe and clean

AQUARENA have developed special polymer concrete steps for the pool area, These steps have a 3 sided, gently rounded edging, so that the water falls accurately from step to step. The step tread has an anti-slip pyramid structure which is easy to clean. No problem for hygiene in the pool. Anti-slip performance has been checked and certified in accordance with DIN EN 13451-1 evaluation group 24°.

The self-supporting steps can also be used for gallery steps, bridges or other steps. Steps can be adapted to fit individual circumstances. Polymer concrete steps are ideal for barefoot areas in swimming pools, e.g. steps, galleries, pedestals or swimming pool bridges. These attractive steps come in any color, have a durable surface and are corrosion resistant.

Technical Data

  • Construction Polymer concrete steps made from solid artificial stone with a gelcoat surface.
  • Width Shaft ø508: 942 mm / Shaft-ø711: 841 mm and 1,200 m
  • Straight staircases, standard width 800, 1,000, 1,200 and 1,500 mm, other sizes on request
  • Details: 3 sided edging
  • Drip edge

Other, Options

  • Special steps are available
  • Renovation of existing steps with fiber glass prefabricated steps