Operational data

  • Age range: 3 to 8 years
  • Capacity: k A
  • TÜV clearance recommended

Technical Data

  • Sprays: Continuous operation via external pump, manual operation via pressure valve (shower button), hand pump (bilge pump)
  • Object height, relief, few cm
  • Play and spray animals for sitting on (seal, crocodile), giant design elements (Dino DEL)
  • Material: Fiber glass or composite construction with stainless steel frame
  • Water volume: varies depending in the number of jets
  • Colors: depends on theme andclient

Advantages and customer benefits

  • Standard units at relatively low prices
  • Special designs depending on client requests in almost any theme, size and color
  • Spectacular designs of the kids’ area possible for new build
  • Retro fit in often plain areas can add considerable value
  • New visitors are attracted to the pool for relatively little outlay and won over as long term visitors

Other /Options

Additional enhancements available, e.g. LED fittings (eyes which light up) or sound effects (hissing or affectionately purring dragon).